trojan alerts "TR/2ndThought.AA.2", with antivir and comodo V4

Hi everybody,

sorry for my english, my usual language is french.

I recently installed comodo V4 firewall (plus its antivirus), to replace windows xp firewall.
Since that comodo installation, my old avira antivir guard keeps warning me from time to time that it detects trojan ‘TR/2ndThought.AA.2’, on several files in temp directory, named like ‘D:\WINDOWS\Temp\CB98.tmp’, or ‘D:\WINDOWS\Temp\CB2E.tmp’ …

I must say that I installed comodo’s antivirus, and that i disabled it to keep working with avira antivir and its guard enabled.

It seems these trojan alerts about ‘TR/2ndThought.AA.2’, made by avira antivir guard, occur when comodo’s antivirus is trying to update it’s virus signature database. comodo downloads these ‘CB**.tmp’ files into ‘D:\WINDOWS\Temp’ directory, and some of these files trigger avira antivir guard to shout about ‘TR/2ndThought.AA.2’ trojan detected.

Did somebody else have this problem about comodo’s V4 and avira antivir guard coexisting ??
How did you solve that problem ? by uninstalling comodo’s or avira’s antivirus ?

in advance, thanks for any help about that situation.

Please submit this false positives to Avira. It is on their end.

Did somebody else have this problem about comodo's V4 and avira antivir guard coexisting ??
I did, today when installing comodo 4 on my dads comuter
How did you solve that problem ?
I just disabled "avira guard" until comod was done installing. When comodo was done, I turned "avira guard" back on P.S. avira web guard is not effected by this

Thank you jay2007tech.

That’s what I’m doing now: disabling avira guard when I update comodo (manually only, now), and turn it on just after.

Works well.

It will be better for you (for your system), when you remove one of your antivirus from your computer (avira or comodo antivirus).
You shouldn’t have more than one antivirus installed on your PC. (it’s same like only one firewall, one antispyware…) That’s important, because you can get false positives like this and more problems, for example with stability of your system etc… :wink:

also c.i.s. 4 sees these files as malware ???

sorry my english really bad …
However I solved the problem, thanks


I think I got ride of this problem.

got windows 7


first use a shredder program.
Than startup in safe mode without network.
Then type in your windows searchbar:


Here you see avira search in this folder and go to folder C:\ProgramData\Avira\Antivir Desktop\temp. Delete all subdirectories. With your shredder offcourse

go also to C:\windows\temp

and shred the files in it. It is now possible.


If it comes back by following start up by popup Avira or Comodo. you now can easily remove the trojan.

:-TU :-TU :-TU

Ok this is still not solved.

But following steps works now.

  1. Install and remove LSO from firefox. I dont use internet explorer for my internet. I think you know why.

install addon firefox: BetterPrivacy

  1. deinstall and clean your system from avira. Then reinstall avira. Now you have to change the heuristic setting from medium to low.


  1. Now you change the heuristic setting from Comodo Security from low to medium.


At this moment I have no popup anymore.

But I dont know if the change from avira and also comodo has any influence on security.
This is what I know: Avira has a lot of false popup notifications, but still wins my trust on virusprevention. So I hope this setting will not change his good performance.

We will see how long this will take.

I will keep in touch

:-TU :-TU :-TU