Trojan agent not detected


My setup is as follows:

  1. Server with 64 bit xUbuntu (GUI for versatility, former Win user)
  2. Desktop with 64-bit kUbuntu
  3. Dual booting lappy with Win 7 64-bit / kUbuntu 64-bit

Some time after install, the server running Apache, phpBB3, 3-4 Yn DC++ hubs in Wine, got the infection on the screen shot, now I have it also on desktop. It is just making annoying small exe and bat files, under 1MB.


When scanned locally with the just installed Clam AV, result is 3000+ infected files, true, one trojan only.
When scanned via Comodo, sharing the same server folder, 0 trojans.
Please see the attachment.

Sidenote: I really love and like your products, I recommend them everywhere. It will be great if you can make 32 and esp. 64 bit version of CIS for Linux, like Skype has one.
Thank you for providing such a great product line.

Best regards

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Hi ZloboMiR,

Thanks for sharing this information.We always suggest users to upload the files, which they suspect to be malwares using Comodo Antivirus Database | Submit Files for Malware Analysis. So that we can check them and add detection for those files after confirming them to be malwares.

Note:Please select Malware/Suspicious option while uploading files which you suspect as malwares.


Hi again,

  1. I am just scanning and I see that comodo already detects the trojan. Congrats for the quick fix. However while scanning a network share CIS still asks to reboot the PC to complete the deletion, which I think will be of no use, since the HDD is on another PC. :slight_smile: It could be better if a message: “Please reboot the remote PC now to complete…” appears after scanning of network drives, there should be a way to distinguish them.
  2. As per the second part of my question, do you intend to make a Linux CIS? As I maintain a good number of PCs, at home and friend’s ones, I can assure you that this is a growing number of users. I could guess as well that such inquiries out of your policy are really pissing you off, but usually this is a necessary stage in order to collect enough requests to develop the soft. :wink: