trillian.exe -> FIREFOX.EXE locks system

Both trillian.exe and firefox.exe are in “trusted application” specifically. When I try to click an IM link in Trillian to bring up a webpage someone sent, I get a COMODO popup asking if I want to allow it, however COMODO is completely locked as well as Trillian. I have to wait 3-4 minutes, and the popup disappears and trillian starts working again.

I can reproduce it over and over. No lockup issues with any other app so far.

try putting d+ in training mode for a while, while you use trillian

Well that let me get it working. Now is just the issue of the bug for anyone else :wink:

did you turn d+ back to your previous mode (safe mode, clean pc, or paranoid?)
don’t keep it in training mode. that is only for d+ to learn what is happening.


Yes, I put it back in paranoid.

Glad it worked. :slight_smile: