Trifling gripe: please add descriptions for the ccavsrv, ccavvirth services

(I know this is not the right forum for this, but I cannot find a more suitable one)

Please make it easier for users to figure out what the Comodo Task Manager services are by providing descriptions.

Specifically ccavsrv and ccavvirth have no descriptors. I just went through this frustration two weeks ago - I was cleaning up my computer by shutting down unneeded/unwanted processes. Since many of the services have cryptic names without any meaningful description, it was necessary to google them one by one. Those cryptically named processes and services always look suspicious.

To be honest, I am still not sure what ccavvirth is, only that it (probably?) has something to do with Comodo. Is it necessary? What is it?

You could post in the release topic of CCAV in the feedback section here. ccavvirth is the virtualization service which gets activated when an application is run in the sandbox. What you see in task manager is the service name and display name, the description of a service can be found in the services.msc snap-in.