Tried v3, went back to v2.4

I recently installed the current v3 on a couple of XP systems. Anyone whos read my previous posts knows I really liked 2.4, so I figured v3 would be great

I realize v3 has several new features, but the added complexity of the interface REALLY turned me off. Its just not intuitive IMHO. I particularly did not like the rules interface, configuration in general was a bit irritating.

With 2.4 I was able to just jump in and config the way I wanted very quickly, the interface is straight forward. In v3, I was searching and navigating way too much, and was already putting in too much time, and when I got around to hitting the firewall from the outside (via grc), there were a couple holes courtesy of XP, that really shouldnt have been there.

Fortunately, 2.4 works great in XP, so I didnt have to go hunting for another FW system. Luckily I wont be downgrading to Vista any time this century if I can help it. I had it fully stealth config’d for my setup in less than 5 mins. No holes.

IMHO, an ideal system would take the 2.4 interface system, maintain the standard FW rules syntax/GUI, and utilize the v3 back-end/engine, I think you’d have a really smooth setup.

Just my $.02