Tried updating CIS via Comodo Firewall Updater = No Bueno

I have tried to update CIS v. 3.8.65951.477 to CIS v. 3.9.76924.507

And I have had no luck, it still lists in the about that I am using .477 after the restart and when I check to see if updates are available again, it states that they are and if I try next, freezes up around 4%. Made me have to log off and log in again.

This happened on this pc Windows XP Home-SP3, 2gb ram w/ Avira Free (copied from PCs CIS about: 3A238F2CCF99466dAB5522984DAA2586) and same issue on laptop Windows Prof-SP3, 1gb w/ Avira Free (copied from Laptops CIS about: 0D0CD7A5338545d6913D37FE613A90C8)

If those numbers help at all, I’m going to hold off trying with clicking next on the updating again so I don’t ■■■■■ something up

A clean install is always preferred (when possible) over internal updates.

I would recommend a fresh install. The only reason I say this is because lots of things have changed in comodo and to have everything work great a fresh install is best. :smiley:

_< but everytime I try to do that it, the exporting doesnt work correctly and then I have to setup all the programs and stuff all over again

I think there is a known issue for exporting form 3.8 to 3.9. I always reset my rules anyway. It is not that hard, I know my system is clean so after install but before restart I open comodo and set D+ to training. Then I restart and it learns all of the new rules, usually it goes great. After that I only have a few programs to set up.

ight, ill give that another try. btw the support in the forums is gg. really fast and knowing, I love Comodo