Tried new version CIS and had to uninstall now 3.14 or 3.8 won't update

Well I tried to update to 4.0. It won’t install properly on my Win xp SP2. I had to uninstall and reinstall the older version 3.8.65951.477 it had some troubles but I used the CIS cleanup tool and tried again. Well I remember a version a while ago that had a problem with virus definitions updating. So I went in and tried an older version 3.14. Same problem.

I searched the site because I remember their was a fix before. It gets to 5% and fails. I found the bases.cav solution and I thought that was it. But I went through the process with both versions and still can not get it to update.

I moved my host files into a different folder to check if that was the problem although it had never been before. IE seems to be okay although I wouldn’t say for sure because I use firefox.

Is there someone who might remember the simple solution to this problem. I am done trying to figure it out. And really don’t want to lose the security of Comodo my favorite guard.


Please read this thread:
and see if it helps.

Let us know if you have any more trouble. It may be a problem with SP2. Can anyone please let me know if there is any known compatibility issue with XP SP2?

Hi Chiron.
I read that post but my problems wasn’t with not giving an email. I think it just won’t install properly so it keeps crashing,that’s why I went back to version 3.8 but now it won’t update the anti virus definitions. I think it’s sp2 because I installled it on a friends computer with sp3 and it runs fine.

Can someone help me with reinstalling the old version after a clean up with the clean up tool and then not being able to update AV definitions? I need to get back to normal here and not worry if it’s running smooth or not.

Thanks for any help.

First of all you cannot get av definitions updates with 3.8 it is too old. You will for 3.14. Neither can you use the program updater with v3.8 to update to 3.14 or 4.1. So, I advice to install v3.14.

Start with uninstalling CIS and reboot.Then run this clean up tool. Now you should be good to go for a clean install of v3.14.