Tried everything but still no internet


I just recently tried to install Comodo, and now I can’t connect to the internet, no matter what I do (I’m posting from a different computer). When I rebooted after installing, I got a message saying that fltlib.dll was missing.

I’ve done some searches on here, and followed the normal advice:

*uninstalled (the uninstaller froze in the final stage)
*used the cleanup tool
*used the Windows installer cleanup.
*used reg edit to remove two registry files.
*tried installing again then uninstalling.
*used Winsockfix

I still can’t connect to the internet! Can anyone help? Thanks!

Are you on Windows XP? Winsockfix only works on XP.

I did a little look up for fltlib.dll on my XP installation. It shows up in system32 and system32\dllcache. I think you lost the file in the system32 folder. Please copy the version from the dllcache folder to the system32 folder. That should fix the fltlib.dll problem.