Tried Comodo - Mostly Good - But One Major Deal Breaker

Based on a tip from a trusted friend, I downloaded Comodo Firewall and installed it yesterday. I had totally removed Zone Alarm Pro which I had used for more than 5 years. It was getting too bloated and slowed theboot process too much.

I had no trouble installing Comodo and registering it. Iwas vary favorably impressed with its speed and learning ability. I worked with it for several hours. But, then came the “deal breaker.”

I had grown very dependent on Zone Alarm’s animated icon in the system try that tells me what is going on regarding my Internet connection. Stuff coming down (green) and stuff going up (red) - or, nothing. This is important to me in that it tells me if my Internet connection is working or it needs to be recycled because of a dynamic IP change. It also tells me if things are crowded - nothing happens with that icon - so I don’t waste my time waiting.

OK - the Comodo Launchpad icon is in the tray - but it tells me nothing. It is like flying blind, and I can’t live with that. So, I uninstalled Comodo, and put in the basic Zone Alarm (Free, not Pro) and free breathing is restored.

So, take this as a positive suggestion. If and when you get an animated Internet activity icon for Launchpad - let me know and I will go back to Comodo.


Hi and welcome,

The animated icon is already in the wishlist of Comodo. Try checking out the threads in the Comodo Personal Firewall part of this forum. Comodo is definitely working on it now, I believe.

If compared to ZA Free Version, I think Comodo beat ZA hands down. The new version that is going to come out in a week will be very light on resources. Feel free to drop by then and see for yourself. However, the animated icon will have to take a longer time to be realised.

Yours truly,

Doesnt the network icon (for your “local area connection”) provided by windows do the same stuff?

No - Imy Network icon covers my LAN. It doesn’t tell me Internet activity only, and if it is up or down. That is very important to me. I understand it is in Comodo’s “Wish List.” Good. Kerio already has it as does ZA.

Anyway - Comodo will remain in my “to do” shelf until that happens.

Thanks for the comments.