tried blocking ip in everyway possible but still goes through

ok so i tried making a global rule under the network security policy, then i tried adding the rule under svchost to block the ip, any port from any destination. then i put it in my blocked network zones. i even put it in my microsoft host file… i have it marked to log if the rule is fired. i figured hey it must be blocking it, nothing is being logged, but if i fire up peerblock (with a microsoft list) catches it right away. problem is its constantly trying to connect to this ip all day, i figured its just hogging up my bandwidth might as well block it. i have every service that can be shut off, shut off (i think) to help improve performance on my computer. does peerblock have seniority over comodo or something, so that it blocks it before comodo has a chance to? im running windows 7 x64 and have the whole comodo suit installed.

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That IP you referred to is a Microsoft Teredeo server used for TCP/IP v6 addressing.

Hello - Maybe you have an conflicting rule? Try moving the global rule “Move up” to the top of the list.

thanks for the tip, but didnt work.

so after alot of research i used cmd, netsh, and to switch my ipv6 tunnel to tunnelbroker. but i noticed that the traffic still didnt cease to m$. i was able to link it to the ip helper service. but i did not want to lose my ipv6 completely so… i found a command to just disable the teredo service leaving ipv6 with other options to resolve ipv6 address’.

just putting this up there for anyone who happens to be searching the forums looking for a fix for this. thanks for the help and suggestions.

iam still wondering though, since microsoft is intercepting every click on the internet and forwarding it to their toredo servers, how safe is other peoples information? what all do they see? i think at the very least they know everywhere i go everything i do as long as this is enabled, correct? perhaps they arent interested in lil ol me, but if everyone who gets a copy of windows 7 and vista is sending every link to their toredo servers for ipv6 checking, this seems like an invasion of privacy. can anyone clear up exactly what information they have privilege to doing this? i think maybe im being a lil over paranoid here, just dont like people coming in my house without knocking and asking first.