Trial Version will not let me block Pings?

I am tring to block the pings form Shields UP site, and as one post here has stated, you go into the Stealth Port Wizard and click on bottom: "Block all incoming connections, but I still get a FAILED on the Shields Up site. Is this because its a trial version, it will not allow me to continue on, just ‘Finish’.

But I still get pings, I am on a Router, with a cable line access. :frowning:

Welcome to the Forums Rockntots,

The failure is because the test is being run against your external (WAN) IP address = your router.


PS - There is No trial (crippled) version per se, All are fully functional.
The paid for are extra services, live help, etc.

Routers can be set up to block pings as well.