Treojan a Comodo file

I am not sure if CIS is reporting false malware.

I am still waiting for help on sending the suspect file, because CIS won’t let me touch it, let alone zip it!

So reinstalled AVAST, and it came up with:
Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\SCANNERS\heur.cav
Win32:Crypt-IN [trj]
Trojan Horse
080923-0, 23/09/2008

So now what do I do.

Thanks for any advice here


Hello. this is a false positive. Please report this to avast!
Also i do not understand what you mean by… “I am not sure if CIS is reporting false malware” ?

OK. I will report to AVAST.

CIS reported some files that it said were trojans. But they were OK on TotalVirus. I have been dealing with that on the bugs and reporting FP’s area.

Because I was still unsure, I tried Avast. It reported them as clean.


Alright. Thank you for reporting the FP’s :slight_smile:

I have managed to create some4 confusion over there :-[ But I meant well, and I hope it all gets sorted out.

I really like Comodo, and making it a suite is…well…sweet ;D

Hello - same trojan Win32 Crypt-IN reported in Comodo files as stated below :

C:/Program Files/Comodo/Comodo Internet Security/repair
C:/Program Files/Comodo/Comodo Internet Security?scanner

Was found by GData CD Tool - don’t remember well GData tool name - it goes about bootable AV CD.
I’m wondering why noone reported this to GData yet.
I’m not registred there - just used GData CD tool to check my 2 PCs - normally protected by Kaspersky 2009 + Comodo Firewall.
Being borried ((laing at bed with broken legs) started to play with Bootable AV CDs (Kaspersky, F-secure, Avira and mentioned GData) to learn this technology BTW good way to eliminate normally hiden viruses from Windows systems.

Anyway only GData reported virus in my PCs - in comodo files only.

I went through comodo forum and found here that is just false positive - thanks ■■■■ !!!

I’m calmed down now, good I didn’t repair / deleted those files…
What would happen if I did that ???

Please notifiy G Data of the false positive with Comodo. Many thanks in advance.