Trends for 2010? What do you expect to see and not see?

What do you expect to see in 2010, or expect not to see anymore?


I expect to see more of these sorts of things in order;
Cloud, virtualization\sand-boxing, Behavior blocking, HIPS

I expect to see less (maybe if only a little…) of the common black list scanner.

you just described CIS v4 :slight_smile:


I expect to see the richer environment of Web2.0 providing new entry vectors for malware and new opportunities for user inspired dumage (dumage=damage caused by an idiot).

doesn’t have to be security related…
it can be anything…


More of those FAKE antiviruses, less worms…

Less botnets…

what do i expect more?
more moolah (for me)… cha ching… ;D

Cloud computing will probably be the trend from 2010 onwards.

I see the ability to open up a browser tab and have that be my Internet Security Software. That would be awesome :slight_smile:

I also see lots and lots and lots of new cell phone competition.

I expect to see a bigger debt for the USA. 88)

I guess I’m the only one predicting something negative so far. :stuck_out_tongue:

Im expecting very bad weather in 2010.

And a massive amount of Solar Flares and sunspots.

I expect to see Melih donate me 1 million pounds (pocket change to COMODO) to me…

I don’t expect to see it (see above) anytime soon. :comodomarryme:

It’s called ChromeOS. :wink:

Manchester City to become the number one club in the English premier league. More of them stupid electric cars that look silly. Britney spears to disappear up her own bottom, along with Paris Hilton!

Don`t expect to see aliens landing and taking all are brownies and women. Ganda getting a girlfriend ;D

I see more Security software to be developed for Mac OS X, Hmmm… might Comodo be included 88)

I expect to see people continue ignoring the benefits of running as LUA with SRP enabled. I expect to see people continue failing to use Sandboxie at its true capacity (and only use it for “dodgy browsing” without any extra configuration), and I expect people to continue not understanding how powerful Sandboxie is (and simply regard it as a program which offers “light virtualisation” only). I expect to see people continue to pay relatively large sums of money to maintain a good security setup for their computers, when there are equally as good or better alternatives which are completely free (or involve a one-off payment for life time use AND updating).

I expect to see more of the same from Wilders Security Forums, including what is described above haha.

Ditto for what ssj100 said.

I still say getting rid of all browser shortcuts on the desktop,and replacing them with those made with
SBIEshortcut maker 2.1.2 .7 would go a long way make sandboxie(ed) browsing habitual. It can also be used
to make equivalent shortcuts for all internet facing aps,pointing to their respective Sandbox.

I fear ssj100 is dead right not many will learn to tighten the configuration of Sandboxie.

I think there will be at least one light virtualization program,come out of China,with a free version comparable
to the paid versions of Returnil and ShadowDefender.(currently Chinese Market only)

I thank the Beta CIS4,will take even more money out of the hands of the “Big Suite” guys.

And I sincerely hope everyone has a year of peace,health,and good fortune.

The glorious rise of x64. In my country all Dell’s come with win7 x64 - no options. From ubuntu to windows, its all happening. Amazing stuff.

And the beginning of the end of all non x64 compliant security products. ;D

!ot! I think Melih scored huge with x64 CIS. First mover advantage.

It is not so much what I expect to see, but more what I want to see. And that is a secure OS, so we don’t need Comodo or any other security vendor.

Greetz, Red.

It’s a nice thought, it’s a happy thought, but that will never happen… :ilovecomodo: