TrendMicro reports WORM_DOWNAD.AD but Comodo not

MicroTrend on some winxp machine has reported today for my usb drive (portable applications installed on the usb drive) the WORM_DOWNAD.AD in the “Restorer” directory or similar.
But CIS actual version on some other machine, vista 32bits business, claims this drive was clean, no maleware findings by CIS.

I’d like to switch off the autorun facility (portapps created on this drive autorun.inf file) for usb drives in this vista machine,
but wasn’t able to find the appropriate setting.
a) Drive Icon->Properties - auto play tab not present at all
b) Control Panel → Auto Play → this drive not presented in the group “portable devices”
c) drive autorun dialog → set default action in control panel → as in case of (b)

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You might to upload the file at.

Also what does virustotal say?

Nothing showing in HJT, but Trend Micro has this: