Trend Micro Internet Security 2005 AV update issue with V3.0.15.277

This issue appears similar to the Norton AV problem reported in this forum as “I have reached the point of complete frustration with Version3”.

When the Trend AV update runs (in my case, every 6 hours) it creates 8 to 10 entries in Proactive Defense / Files Waiting for Your Review. See attached screen shot.

I have tried every combination of suggestions from the referenced thread including making all Trend applications (processes, executables, and DLLs) Trusted. I also tried moving the files listed to the “My Safe Files” list. However, the first time I move them to the “My Safe Files” list they do not appear in that list in the Defense+ tab. But if I do a Trend Update again and THEN MOVE THEM AGAIN then they do appear in My Safe Files, however, the Comodo behavior is unchanged. The next time a Trend Update runs they will reappear in the Files Waiting for Your Review list. This is very frustrating.

On Windows XP Pro SP2.

Suggestions welcome.

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