"Treat this app. as" option disabled after last update??


I`m using Comodo FW for years now and I just love it!

But I came across one annoying problem after the last update. When asked about what to do with some applications request, I am only offered “alow” and “denie” while the “treat this application as” option is written in gray letters (it can`t be selected). Why is that and how can I change it?

I am using Win XP SP2, and the version of Comodo is 3.10.102363.531


Hi Delta S4, welcome to the forums.

Can you take a screen shot of the alert & post it here please. I’m not saying this is the same thing, but not all the Treat As options are available depending on the circumstances on the alert (eg. explorer.exe seeking permission to run another executable), this is intentional.

Thanks for the welcome :slight_smile:

What you are saying is entirely possible. After update I run Quake wars, and was then asked what to do with services.exe (something to do with punkbuster - it modified some registry keys…) Perhaps none of the “treat this app. as” options are available for that alert?

Yes, it is entirely possible that the alert you saw was something like Quake Wars/Punkbuster trying to do something with Services (which resulted in the registry modification), under such circumstances it might not be logical to offer some Treat As options, as they would be nonsensical and/or potentially dangerous in that context (since they would be applied to Services, rather than the calling application). But, without knowing what the actual alert was I cannot be certain.

Here, I ran QW again, and was asked I think pretty much the same things as yesterday. So I took a ss:

Yes, it looks like it is just about what I guessed it might be. I don’t think Treat As Trusted would be an appropriate option to offer in this situation, since it applies to Services.exe directly (rather than Quake Wars or Punkbuster). It is apparent, from the alert itself, that Punkbuster has inserted its own data into a Registry area (ControlSet) that is monitored & protected by CIS. I suspect that Services.exe hadn’t previously had to deal with this area of the Registry before & this is what probably caused the alert. I hope that helps.

Thank you for the explanation. I really thought there was something wrong with it because it started to apear after the update… Thanks for putting my mind to ease ;D

Also it`s good to know that there is this kind of professional and prompt help for any potential problems. Even if they are just a premature panicking of a n00b ;D

Thank you very much.

No problem, glad I could help & ease your concerns. :slight_smile:

However, not exactly professional I’m afraid (although that is available). I’m a just volunteer user, much like yourself… although maybe with a little more experience. :slight_smile: