Treat Application As??? Question

Should I have internet explorer (treat as web browser)
Winamp–trusted application
IM messaging —trusted application

is it recommended to make sure every application is treated to its correct selection?

I use Xp sp2

Hello Lava rat, If you want more information on what these mean you can do this;

Comodo → Defense+ → Advanced → Predefined Security Policy’s → Double click on the selected rule and click Access RightsandProtection Settings

Yes web browser set as web browser i have my IM set as trusted but keep in mind sometimes this docent always work for IM applications and they revert back to custom. also yes you can set winamp as trusted if you like but the default custom works as well for it. it’s all down to personal preference i myself have weeded threw the list and set somethings as trusted and left some things as custom that function properly. If you find something that you left as custom and it docent function properly you can always go and change it to trusted.

A little list of some things that is a must to have set.

Web browser set as web browser
Windows outlook or other e-mail clients set as E-mail client
Svchost outgoing only
Updater applications set as installer or updater.
and any other application you would like to set as trusted or leave custom