Tray Icon

Looking for info as to what the different tray icons mean.
Sometimes it’s just a shield ,other times it’s a shield with something on the left side (too small to see).
Any idea what the different ones mean?

Are you talking about the incoming and outgoing traffic animations? These appear as red arrows going down the left side of the shield (incoming) and green arrows coming up the right side of the shield. (outgoing)

Or is it perhaps the flames behind the shield? This means there is an update available.

Could be flames -on the left side of the shield?
Doesn’t go back to just the shield unless I reboot -that normal?

OK,just rebooted after running Ubuntu and the shield has what might be flames on the left.
Checked manually for any update and there is none.
Anything else this might mean?

Just rebooted again and now it’s just the shield with nothing around/near it.
I’m just trying to figure out what it’s telling me.

Right click the icon on the task bar, uncheck “Show Tray Animation” and see how it goes after that.

I am also looking for a glossary of the different tray icons. In addition to the ones you mentioned, I periodically see the white shield with a red circle and a diagonal red line. To me, it indicates there’s something wrong. But when I open the application, I get an “all systems active and running” message.

These are the issues:

  1. Comodo calls it a Tray Icon.
  2. The programmers are obviously trying to tell me something by having the tray icon change.
  3. A search for “Tray Icon” in the help file tells you nothing about the different tray icons.
  4. Unless you have a clean white shield, your tray icon will not display inbound or outbound traffic.

The forum, so far, has yielded partial answers including, “turn it off”.

Documentation… :-TD

Hi andy.

Do a search for “red circle” here in the forums and check if some of the threads match your situation.