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Hello everyone, I installed Comdo yesterday for the first time. The tray icon read something like ’ comodo is running you are protected ’ I can’t quite remember.Today if you put the mouse pointer on it , it reads Comodo Firewall Pro is being initialized.I know the firewall is working, can anyone explain,sorry if this sounds like a stupid question. :-[

Hi mike746
No it’s not a stupid question.

It’s a cosmetic bug. There are a number of posts regarding this. I’ve had it on occasion, usually a computer restart fixes it for me. On some systems it stays like that. I’m pretty sure they are working on a fix for this.
Here’s a post regarding this, there are some more somewhere here. Soya will be able to find them.,7445.0.html

Don’t be worried about asking questions. The guys here are keen to help, they believe in this product. Since I installed it, after using za, I’ve become a convert too.


Dear Sullo many thanks for your prompt reply, I am very reassured by your answer.I too used to use ZA but after hearing so many good things about Comodo,thought I’d give it a go. I really like it so far, although I’m not to tech minded.Great support too cheers :slight_smile:

If the message bothers you, right click on the CPF tray icon, select Adjust Security Level and change it to block all or allow all and then back to custom (which I assume you have set). That should clean up the stuck message. It works for me when this happens. YMMV though.