TRAY ICON with red circle and slash through shield

Im using comodo firewall not CIS I think, is this a problem to be concerned about does it leave any security problems. I checked some earlier post about it.

Can you tell us a bit more about your system? What version of Firewall or CIS you are using? Look under Miscellaneous -->About. What other security programs do you have and which ones are running in the background? What version of Windows are you using?

Did you make changes to your system around the time the problem started to arise? Installed new programs for example?

For now go to Miscellaneous → Diagnostics and let it run. What does it report and can it fix the problem for you?

I too have come across this same problem. While searching for information I found references to this same “bug” dating back to 2008. Based on what I read it seems that the firewall is misreporting the status but is otherwise working properly.

After conducting some instrusion testing it does seem that the firewall is operating as it should. However, since I cannot find an answer as to how to SOLVE the actual problem (misreporting the status) I have chosen to uninstall Comodo and switch to a different product. The feature is specifically designed to notify me, the end user, when there is a problem. It clearly states there is a problem but apparently nobody can identify the root cause or solve the problem. That does not instill confidence and is too disconcerting for me to continue to use the product.

Details count.

@muiredised. The icon means that CIS is noticing something is not right. It is not a bug yet there is something wrong and needs to be looked into for each situation.

I am sorry to hear you stopped using CIS. If in the future you would start using it and run into a problem don’t hesitate to start a topic. Then we will see if we can help you further.

EricJH, I have the same problem.
I searched the forum and seems that I am not alone – there are a lot of threads about the topic but no solutions.

I understand muiredised. How can one trust a security program that every once in a while indicates that there is a problem but does not provide means to diagnose it. When the icon has the red circle, is my computer protected or not?