Tray icon [resolved]


Three days ago my CFP icon changed, by itself, and it won’t change back!

I’ve had CFP installed since it was released and it’s worked flawlessly (:CLP). The icon has always been a large shield, and whenever there’s network activity arrows denote the flow of data.

Since the other day, the icon has changed to become a small shield and there is no animation to denote data flow. Please see the attached screen shot.

The Show Tray Animation option is ticked, and on CFP’s Summary screen the Traffic window shows there is traffic active, yet there is no hint of this from the icon.

No settings have changed, and nothing has changed on my system which I’m aware of. I presume some behind the scenes setting has become corrupted?

Does anyone know how to restore the tray icon to its former glory without uninstalling and reinstalling CFP?

My set up is an AMD X2 3800 with 1Gb of RAM, running XP SP3, CFP, NOD32 v3.0.560.0, BOClean 4.27, and CMF


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Comodo is shrinking! Those ■■■■ gnomes (:AGY).

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You could export your settings and then uninstall comodo, then import your old setting into your fresh installation.

You might like to have a look at this post from RobStone;msg146289#msg146289

Thanks Kyle.

Unfortunately, none of the suggested fixes worked. However, I upgraded the firewall by installing the CIS beta and the tray icon now works as it should.

It was a trivial bug, but niggling all the same.

Thanks for your help. :-TU


Okl. Glad you sorted it out. (:HUG)