Tray Icon Meanings

My Tray Icon goes into 3 or 4 different modes like “yellow wavy lines” white wavy lines at the top, I think you get my drift. It’s all about what do the tray icon changes mean? I can’t seem to find a guide or key to tell me what the tray icon subtle changes mean. If you would, either direct me to a key or send me one so I know how to identify the ongoing changes. Thank You.

can you maybe post a screenshot of what you are seeing

the tray icon only changes in a few cases. it will have a red exclamation point when it has detected problems with the install. and it will show green and yellow arrows going up or down to represent internet traffic download and upload.

That’s exactly what it is my friend. I didn’t take it for green or yellow arrows, but now that you said it that is exactly what they are and it makes sense that they stand for internet traffic because when I do something with let;s say Outlook Mail I can see the arrows moving at the same time, so once again problem solved and you can lock the topic or post, OK?

glad i can help. only you or one of the mods can lock the topic. maybe a mod will