Tray Icon Lost Its Menu

Comodo icon in System Tray (Notification Area) no longer presents its right-click menu (Control menu, in Microsoft® lingo).

The Comodo icon looks normal, and it does not have any red-mark attached. The Comodo window is opened from the Comodo IS shortcut on the Desktop, and it seems normal, it says that All systems are running normally …

Please advise course of action to troubleshoot this. The Comoso Window shows no trouble, and it looks normal and it grows its red or green fringes indicating incoming and outgoing traffic. I can access control items in the main Window, but I am wondering, all the time why the Control menu is no longer available. Is there a single file that I can delete and maybe reload, to bring the menu back? Please avise.

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Are you on XP? This may be partially related: How To: Fix Missing System Tray Icons at Windows XP startup . But this is just a guess.

Thanks for the suggestion on XP, yes, XP Pro SP# (x86). Will save that link for the next time. I ran a System Restore back to about two weeks before I reported the issues here, and that fixed a lot of strange manifestations. Am still updating things that the SysRestore un-fixed. though. but, thanks for the offer of help.