Tray icon looks bad

After looking at it now it looks like a very bad quality icon resized using bilinear filtering. Looks horribly blurry and low quality. Can this be improved so that it will look proper quality? It looks really poor compared to all the other high quality icons…

Fixed typo in title. Eric

i second that :stuck_out_tongue:


I liked 5.10 tray icon way better.

I like the icon tray of 5.10 more then of 6.0.

Well, they’ll never change CIS 6 icon back to how it looked in CIS 5, you can be sure fo that but i’d just like to see the current new one proper looking and not as blurry as it is now.

If you can, please give a better one…

I love the Mobile Security icon (it’s like an update of the 5.10 one) but 6.0 looks great as well for me …