Tray ICON / Log FILE / Menu Navigation

Hello Comodo-Team,

I used to be a long time KPF 2.15 / SSM user…
However, after I got some BOD recently which were related to KPF, I looked at new desktop security products (SSM seems to go out of business as well)…

Anyhow, I changed to CIS and spent the whole night yesterday to configure it.

I have some comments regarding your product:

Can the tray icon be animated similar to the KPF tray icon (e.g. blink the arrows to indicate traffic is in progress - so it would be more obvious what is going on)?

Indicate blocked traffic with red / allowed traffic with green (or any other color)?

When the firewall rule is set to block all, is it possible to indicate this in the tray as well (e.g. put a little stop sign over the firewall icon)?

If a rule blocked some traffic, can the direction, the request came from, be added to the log file
(inbound / outbound traffic)?

If new items are added to defense+ (e.g. during learning mode) by CIS, could the items be added through the menu to the own defined program groups so that you do not have to switch back and forth between the menus in order to accomplish this task?

These are just some of my observations to improve a superior product even more.

Thank you COMODO, you have done an outstanding job to create such a product!

Kind Regards,
Pat, Germany

PS: If this is not the right forum, please feel free to move this thread accordingly.