Tray Icon gone and cant uninstall

recently my tray icon for comodo has not been showing up. I am not sure it comodo is even loading up on bootup. I tried to uninstall and nothing happens. Security center says comodo is running. I even tried clicking the comodo shortcut in the start menu and nothing happens. I am using vista 32 bit.

Which product you installed? CIS beta or CFP .378? Does it show in Start>All programs> comodo folder (if it is XP)? If yes, try to open GUI and run diagonise in Miscellaneous window. You can check start up entries with utilities like Ccleaner or CRC.

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What other security apps are you running?
Also you might like to look at Rob Stones post.;msg146289#msg146289

I have solved my problem. I final was finally able to uninstall. When i reinstalled comodo everything was fine. Thanks for your reply’s and help :slight_smile:

You’re most welcome (:HUG)