Tray icon gets stuck and/or wrong tray icon

Using Comodo CIS V3.5.57173.439 on Win XP Pro SP3 32-bit with all subsequent updates.

The tray icon for CIS (set to show traffic animation) frequently “get’s stuck” showing maximum amount of activity in both directions when there is little or no actual traffic occuring. I’ve also seen it get stuck showing an intermediate level of traffic in one or both directions with no actual traffic. Sometimes it doesn’t show actual traffic when it’s set for traffic animation. Overall, this function is acting unreliably and unpredictably.

I also sometimes get a different Comodo icon than normal (normal being set to traffic animation).

Closing and restarting Comodo sometimes resolves the issue, but a reboot is sometimes required. Toggling the setting for traffic animation on and off has no effect on the problem.