Tray icon disappears

On my brand new Win 7 64 bit machine I notice that the tray icon sometimes disappears. This makes it more difficult to quickly open CIS to look at the quarantine list or manually check for updates. CIS can still be opened from the start menu, but when I then close it, it does not reappear in the sys tray.

I have the silly [?] idea that I have to see the tray icon to be certain that I am fully protected. That may or may not be true. But I do want my tray icon back.

Does anyone have any thoughts about this?


I have the same problem of the tray icon disappearing randomly, in my case on Windows Vista. Removing and reinstalling CIS appears to have helped for a while, but now it’s happening again. Checking task manager after noticing the icon has disappeared, I find that cfp.exe is not even on the process list and I have to manually start Comodo from the start menu. It’s a little worrisome there’s no alert that the firewall has shut off.

Ok if can you please list what version and what parts of CIS are your using? Also do you see cmdagent.exe running when cfp.exe stops working?

I’m using CIS version 5.8.213334.2131. Not sure what you mean by parts, sorry, but AV, FW, Def+ and Sandbox are all enabled. The icon started disappearing few months ago but the problem went away in September after a reinstall but came back yesterday.

Didn’t see cmdagent.exe in the process list because I didn’t understand to click “show processes for all users”, but I’m guessing it is running when the icon appears since there’s no nag from Windows to turn firewall on. Already reinstalled again but I’ll update if the icon goes missing in the future.

Yes you would need to click “show processes for all users” to show cmdagent.exe. But it should be said that if malware kills cmdagent or cfp, D+ and the FW will keep running only the AV will be killed.

Btw can you please post a screenshot of your defense + logs: Open CIS > Defense + > View Defense + Events. Also have you made any custom changes to D+ Rules?

And do you see any dump files or zip folders in “C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security” (or another location you may have installed CIS to)?

Thank you.

I have CIS Full Suite 5.8 on Win 7 64 Bits. No tray disappearing prob. But I cannot open CIS with double click. It opens with double click but few mins later it doesn’t opens with double click. Tried reinstalling but the same prob. Strange prob/bug.


CIS 5.9 also has the same problem ???

I’m not sure if this is a CIS only bug, there are more reports for more applications that they don’t appear in the ‘Taskbar notification area’.
(According to M$ it’s no longer called ‘systray’).

So It might as well be a Microsoft bug. I run my notification area settings with “always show all icons and notifications on the taskbar” enabled so nothing to ‘auto-hide’.
And have never had this issue, it’s not the default though, maybe try to change that and see if that helps?

i guess you may be right it may be a windows bug since my settings are also configured to “always show all icons and notifications on the taskbar”
but this rarely happens

I am also observing random disappearance of CIS tray icon. A restart would generally fix, but I do not yet find a valid reason and a way to reproduce it by myself.

cmdagent.exe and cfp.exe are both running and scans are also possible, even if the tray icon is missing. Clicking on the desktop shortcut immediately brings the tray icon too, so there must be a little bug or misconfiguration which is causing this.