Tray Icon Disappearing from Win7 x64

From searching the forum on my topic I see that the missing icon from the tray seems to be quite a common issue with Comodo 5.8. I didn’t see any kind of fix or solution so am I to assume that this is just a bug and I need to deal with it by just clicking the shortcut to get it back in the tray? I see that Comodo is running in Proccess Explorer when the icon was missing so I still have firewall support. It’s just the icon doesn’t want to stay in the tray area. If you guys have thought of something please feel free to update me.

That’s an annoying shortcoming of Windows XP. Please read How To: Fix Missing System Tray Icons at Windows XP startup on how to work around it.

That would be good if I was running XP but I’m running Windows 7x64 HP. I noticed in other posts that this is a problem even with Windows 7.

Ooops, sorry about that.

It has been noticed before in this topic. It is not clear what is causing it and weather the problem is on Comodo’s or Windows end.