Translation tools

… are sorely needed. I want to promote CIS among my friends and clients, but I can’t do that unless it’s translated into French.

Personally I don’t give it a s… if that tool gets released because I don’t have that much problem with English, but I saw a lot of folks that had drop off comodo because they simply couldn’t understand what the hell is going on :slight_smile: especially alerts. If comodo folks really think about spreading their software through the world then They should consider releasing such tool. Alas it shouldn’t require much coding effort.

And Russain users want translation tools too !!!

If that will be done - Comodo - THE BEST !!!

I added some ideas from this suggestion to “my” “AIO” list - Point(s) 17.1. If you have some free time please check my post if it’s fitted with your idea.

Thank you!

Suggestions for future version(s) AIO

Just need a language interface. Now there is only english can be chosen. actually the main GUI can be modified to other language, but the pop-up windows can’t, it’s been encrypted

A translation tool was promised for Comodo Firewall Pro, and then subsequently for Comodo Internet Security quite a while ago. I wonder if this will ever be offered, and if there is some place where we can get news/updates about it.



I live in Tijuana and I would really like to recomend Comodo here but unfortunetlly not everyone here understands ??? English and have no Idea of what CIS is warning them about or how to do anything at all with it :’(. A Spanish Version/Translation would really help out :-TU and with it I would really go around with (V) , (CLY) and :comodo110: to everyone I know in need of a Good Free Internet Suit like this one and in Spanish!

So a :Beer to anyone that get’s a Spanish (and other languages) translation up and running.

The missing internationalization is one of the most important things why I can’t install Comodo on my friend’s computers. Many of them don’t speak English at all, so they can’t use it.

Today there are plenty easy to use internationalization solutions like gettext. Why not use it?

Apparently, Melih has leaked some info recently. Check out this thread:



<mode=droopy>you know what? I’m happy (:WIN)