Translation tables wish

This could be made simple by creating a code for each phrase displayed in the GUI.
A table with the codes and an associated phrase is created. Then, as each code is called, the file will tell the GUI what phrase to display.
This has the advantage of being only created once, added to as needed, and the table would be labeled as the language it is using. the user then only needs to select the table of choice during installation.
Viola, instant (well, almost) translation tables for everyone in whatever language they desire.
This should also make it easier for users to help with the creation of these tables (if they wish).
What do you think?

The problem is comodo don’t have a interface to connect the translation table.

My idea was intended for a future release. This seemed like a good idea to implement unlimited translations of CIS. As a variation, the table could be in text format, allowing users who wish to translate the tables themselves, run a compiler utility to create the binary version the software will actually read.

I think there is no way the developer will grant it. No company would like the user to be able to modify their produce randomly.If the future version provide a language interface, I only hope it’s not been encrypted.

All this would modify is the displayed text only. Engines and GUI would remain untouched.
I’ve seen it done on another app. This allowed for great (displayed) text customization.

A bad translation may damage the company’s image. maybe one day comodo will come up with a multi-language version, but no noe knows when.