Translation Software

What are the recommendations for the best Free translation software?

I have a friend in Hong Kong that I met several years back with another software I still use. He knows English better than I know Chinese! I also have someone I write to in northern Germany I sometimes write to.

My problem currently is Facebook. Sometimes bing will translate and most of the time now it does not.
All I see are rows of squares. My friend said that it probably is the Hong Kong translation.

Currently I have Babylon SimpleTranslate (trial) and still am having problems with comments and posts by him, his mom, sister and their friends with the Chinese posts from Hong Kong.

If anyone can suggest how I can use Babylon Simple Translate (trial) correctly I would appreciate the help, or if you have another free translation software that will work in Dragon, IceDragon, IE8 and Facebook I would appreciate all recommendations.


Hi UncleDoug,

As for “free translation software”… If you search (I’m sure you did :wink: ) you can find a lot of on-line ones This is the one I prefer
The referred & some of them do have browser(s) plugins, but I never found that those plugins/add-ons are necessary
Speaking of Dragon and/or, IceDragon I cannot tell, since I’m not using either of them & have no intentions of doing that ever, but it seems you shouldn’t experience any problems. Tested with IE8/9 , Fox, Iron, Opera, Maxthon, etc.

Then you may consider an excellent free Lingoes
, which has a whole lot of free dictionaries and full text translation (that includes many on-line engines for translation)
Please keep in mind that you can choose portable version … working perfectly on XP Pro 32bit & Win 7 x64.
Just play with it a bit, meaning… in order to figure out your preferences/options settings etc.