Translation package problem

hello. I’ve encountered a problem regarding a word to translate from English to Portuguese… it said in the instruction that the & should not be remove our moved but translating the word i have no letter to associate it id… :frowning:

the word is ->Source and I’m translating it to Origem… the & is next to the S like this &Source… any ideas?

It doesn’t matter before which letter the & is, so in your case you can use &Origem or O&rigem etc., you just have to make sure, that you don’t have two words with the same shortcut letter in one menu/dialog.

thank you for the help :wink:

Notepad and Notepad++ works fine, but not the ResourceEource editor.
Change the language English to Spanish, change the LangID, save the file, and ResourceEditor not load the file. If I not change the language and Langid, ResourceEditor working well.
It is imperative to install CIS 3.9? I don’t want to change my current setup.

yo! is it solved yet? the “resource editor don’t work after name changing” issue? :-La