Translation package problem

As soon as I change language’s ID value, I can’t open it with Resource editor.
PS: Language- Serbian Latin- ID value -2074-

Any ideas.

I can’t open it either.

Belgian dutch


hey i think i have the same problem :-TU (yeah, i love it when anyone else have the same problem with me ;D)

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You can edit the files with Notepad++ in worst case…
But be careful.

Did a try… Seems to work excellent, files loaded by CIS… :-TU :slight_smile:
Just make sure to only change the text in “parenthesis”…

Still I guess there is less risk to “■■■■■ up” if using Codejock…


I think I found what the problem is. You can only use the languages given by Melih. the others aren’t accepted.

1)German - BigMike, evil_religion, sevi95, sbridge - Done!
2)French - symbian, vulcain, souljah, Rapidon - Done!
3)Italian - Romagnolo1973, colmoti, clarensio, sirio, Kronos - Done!
4)Portuguese (Brazilian) - xxdarkstalkerxx, cristiano_lombardi, cassianoqs, neocoder, riagorodski
fatalmx - Done!
Portuguese (European) - thejoedoe, mokito,
5)Spanish - rafel, Narud, Thynaks, rolo, darcjrt - Done !
6)Japanese aroedrink, Nipsu, pul - Done!
7)Arabic - saad alfraanah,
8 )Hungarian - blattida, blackbox, arkangyal - Done!
9)Romanian - virtu, cosma_sebastian, Mihai Done!
10)Croatian - gakungak,
11)Dutch - Ronny, Rednose, SecurityManiac, Mack, eXPerience - Done!
12)Swedish - Monkey_Boy=), ragwing, JoWa, (LeoniAquila if needed) - Done!
13)Norwegian (Bokmal) - triplejolt, Slemmen, Charlie42 - Done!
Norwegian (Nynorsk) - Charlie42
15)Turkish - runoades, tyler78, cih - Done!
16)Greek NoIos,
17)Traditional and Simplified Chinese - danfong, speter, Will_Will - Done!
18)Czech - khagaroth, jiri, vnc - Done!
19)Polish - Breen, Sergeant Sykes, Komodo-Dragon, google_crawler, Janusz Grzybek - Done!
20)Indonesion - Lt. Ganda,
22)Finnish - niksru, DeFe, dee_ - Done!
25)Hebrew - lironjan,
26)Persian - Mooshy,
27)Korean - creasy,
30)Catalan - rafel,
31)Slovak - Mr.Henky, b.lauko, Anathaen - Done!
32)Serbian -, gakungak,
33)Ukrainian - TheSAS, yup,
34)Danish - MadsDingle, fuzz, Henrikl - Done!


do you mean we have to change the languange name exactly the same with one listed by melih? ???
cos he’s got typo for “indonesian” :-\

Lol… I love this tool… And hope I can still use it when CIS 3.9 gets released FULL…

I thinking of having my very own language translation… 8) :slight_smile:

ganda I’m not sure. Have you tried indonesion ?


nope, i’m done today ;D
i’m working it slowly, 2 words per day ;D
i’ve edited the languange name & the languange ID value today so i’m done for today ;D

The editor is ■■■■ anyways, no translation memory, no spellcheck, no consistency check and more importantly no automated update/merging for newer versions. Worst thing is that the file format isn’t supported by anything else, so we are stuck with it or a simple text editor, which is no better.
They should have sticked with dll files, there are loads of advanced editors and it’s possible to change the size of dialogs (a must as English is too short compared to other languages, I hate using abbreviations, it’s like telling the user to solve a riddle instead of telling him the name of the option).

Just to add another problem, the templates in the ZIP and the templates installed with the beta are different, so now the question is what to use. I know we can ignore the additional 9xxx and 6xxxx strings as they are part of the used MFC libraries and not used, but there are some different resource IDs for strings and dialog elements - 32xx in ZIP and 58xx in installer. Seems like I will have to unpack the exe files and look what’s inside.

Do I have to have CIS installed when I translate it?

I’m fine.

I don’t have any problem with it.

Don’t worry.
You are better than me.

I’m working on it slowly too.
I’ve only edited 1 letter then saved it.
I’m done for today. ;D ;D ;D

Does anybody have recommendation on what software is best for the job, or should I use notepad or notepad++?

notepad++ is very structured and good… Not bad at all for this task =)…

using notepad.exe from M$ and no problems here… CAVS is translated to PT-PT O0 working in the CFP file now ;D

Ok, I translated cavscan.english.lang with notepad++ and renamed it cavscan.serbian.lang. I copied the file to folder Translations, went to CIS/Miscellaneous/Settings/Langauge and selected the Serbian language and there was no change in CIS at all.
No signs that anything was translated.

that to noticed the changes to the language we must use CIS 3.9 so i think

Yes, I installed CIS 3.9

To whom to send the files after the translation is finished? The slovak translation is almost complete.