Translation error in Viruscope settings

Information Enabling Reproduction On Other Machines

1. Environment information:
a) CIS Version, if it was a clean-installed or updated from a previous version, indicate installation language:
CIS / Clean installation, which took place without any problems. / Language: Portuguese Brazil

b) OS version:
Windows 8.1 / 64-bit / Full updated

2. Details of GUI area where the error was found e.g.: ‘CIS Advanced settings’->‘HIPS’->‘HIPS Settings’->‘Monitoring Settings’):
‘CIS Advanced settings’->‘Defense+’->‘Viruscope’

Defect Description

3. Describe the error in the terms of ‘Expected result:’/‘Actual Result:’ or in any other clear form suggesting alternative texts/spelling corrections/etc:
Expected result: “Viruscope” / Actual Result: “Vioruscope”

a) If necessary, provide additional information supporting the reason of changes (reference to grammar/dictionaries/etc.):
Viruscope mistyped

4. Attach the necessary number of screenshots with the problematic area(s) highlighted, preferably with colored frames/background/arrows/etc. to easily understand the issue.

Thank you for submitting this Translation error. I have now moved this report to the Translation Errors section, and forwarded this to Comodo staff.

Thanks again.

Hi, Thank you! The misprint is corrected in our files. Best regards, Alex

Thanks Alex and qmarius! :-TU