Transition from ZoneLabs to Comodo - question[RESOLVED]


I have just downloaded Comodo, and run it, and love the fact that it seems to work well with VISTA.

One question though. In some cases on either the firewall or the Defense + part of the application, I think I may have answered some questions about which programs should do what and be treated as what incorrectly. I would like to review this, and possibly change it. I can’t figure out what the interface for that is though. I can’t seem to find a way to interact with the database of what programs are allowed to do what or are treated as what. I’m sure it is easily there, and I must be missing the forest for the trees. Would love some help. Thanks.

Yes its all right in front of you. It is always good to click through any software to see what settings are what. The firewall programs are under Firewall\Advanced\Network Security Policy. The Defense+ are under D+\Advanced\Computer Security Policy.

Just to add to Vets points,when in Defence+/Computer Security Policy,if you highlight an application and choose "Edit" then "Access Rights" you will get all the criteria D+ uses,eg, whats allowed to do what.


Thanks. All clear now. To me it is slightly counter-intuitive that this is an “advanced” function, but now I know where it is, no problem.