training to love cis v6 than v5 :(

hey comodo!

i try love/like cis v6 so i need your help

pleAse add timeand date to desktop gatged

to maike it wonderful


Well yes this is a good addition. +1 here :-TU

Hi tevekkulatilim,
:-TU for your wish.

Please add a poll, the ‘Add Poll’ function is near the bottom of the page.

Thank you.

Probably missing something here why would you need this if you have it in your task bar?

It could be a handy addition for those that run full screen regularly on small portables or while game playing, all the while still allowing the widget to show.

Ok I understand. Ta Greg.

You are welcome. :slight_smile:

I think possibly that this is a natural adjunct to the idea of the widget being a more general application launcher (not just browsers). So maybe its best seen as a dependent wish.

Outside that context the devs would maybe see it as out of scope?

Well yes you right, but if this wish is intended to make the Comodo widget more friendly, why not then :-TU

what’s the point of adding time and date when you have it at the end of the taskbar ?

Don’t really like gadget, takes space out of your desktop …