Training Mode?

I’m setting up a new machine. Is there any type of training mode so that I don’t have to keep getting warnings while I install software? I don’t see anything like that…

Chuck Billow

Dont use the trainings mode or game mode.
It allows everything running, and it creates rules for that! More worse than just unsafe.

If you want to install something, choose in the question window “Treat as… installer or updater”. DONT keep marked: “Remember my answer”!!!
DONT run the installed program right out of the finish message!

Or you can disable the defense+ for the installation marathon :wink:

Avoid permanent rules for temporary actions.
Try to find your routine. So next time you just click 2 times and all runs when you want…

What you say makes a good deal of sense…but I’m having problems getting to where you say I should “go” – like the “treat as” dialog. I remember it from an earlier version of CIS, but I’m not seeing it now.

Do I have something turned off that should be turned on.

Also CIS sandboxed and app…how OD I get the “back” now – or, if I restore it from a backup, how do I have CIS not trap it again?

Chuck Billow

Sorry to hear that the auto sandbox makes problems.
I disable it permanent to use my easy safe way :smiley:

I made my setting to a default deny. So i just need to allow, if i want to allow. One time.

For demand sandboxing i may still use the (disabled auto-)sandbox.
But i used sandboxie before anyway.