Training Mode Question

I am trying to get Comodo firewall configured so it does not prompt the user with any questions. When Defense + is set to “training mode,” the firewall does not ask the user any questions. This is great as the user of the computer is inexperienced and does not know how to respond to the prompts. However, when Defense + is set back to “safe mode,” the user is still prompted with questions on how to respond. The firewall was set to “training mode” for several weeks so I was hoping that would be long enough as to eliminate all prompting. Is it OK to leave Defense + in “training mode” forever so that the user is not prompted with any questions? In this mode, would the program still detect suspicious activity and alert the user. Ideally, I only want the program to alert the user if there is a suspicious activity. Thanks in advance for the help!!!

Training mode will learn everything including suspicious activities.
CleanPC Mode will will learn everything including suspicious activities if an application was not added to My pending list.

Never use Training mode for a prolonged period of time please use CleanPC mode instead.


If you wish to improve your security you should consider to use Safe mode for everyday use.

You cannot leave the firewall or D+ in training mode forever. All firewalls involve user intervention. Use training mode for atleast a week or so the put the firewall and D+ in Safe mode. You can always add your programs manually to the firewall and D+ which is what I do. You will always still get some sort of pop ups though. Especially if you install something new. If your worried about multiple users of your pc then you need to teach them about alerts cause they may just allow malware to run if the do not know what the alert means.