Training Mode Question

I currently have Comodo v3 in train with safe mode setting. How long does this setting last? Do I have to change it myself or will it automatically turn into a different setting? Hope I described it right.

Thanx For Responses

Hello americanlt

You can leave it in train with safe mode setting as long as you wish. It must be changed manually if you want it changed. Here is what the Comodo help files says about it:

‘Train with Safe Mode’ is the recommended setting for most users - combining the highest levels of security with an easy-to-manage number of connection alerts.


Okay cool so this mode is good if I want to install a couple of online games?


Hi americanlt

If you want to do any installations open your CFP and change on the summary page “switch to installation mode”. This will give you the minimum of popups for your installations and make rules for them.