Training Mode or manually add to Safe Files [Resolved]

I’m a bit confused about this. If I things understand correctly, Training Mode allows CFP3 to learn which files/programs etc you beleive are safe as you use the PC. But I’m also getting a lot of files and stuff then waiting for review, which I then presumably need to do something with - either remove, block or add to My Safe Files? Is this right?

So would it be easier / better for me just to go through all my programs, locate the .exe files and then add these manually to My Safe Files, or should I just let CFP3 get on with it in Training mode?

ONLY use Training Mode for the first week you have installed CFP 3 on your PC for. It will learn all Applications you use SAFE or NOT safe, So only use it for one week, Then Train with Safe Mode comes in. It will learn all the applications you use, and off course, you allow your KNOWN/SAFE ones, If any NEW/UNKOWN Application(s) is presented to your PC, You can choose to either block it or allow it. Please, Only use Training Mode for a few days or when you think it has learn t your applications.

As for your PENDING FILES, Submit to Comodo for analysis. Anyway, With Train with Safe Mode, after a few weeks, you will see alerts dramatically decrease, Unless off course a NEW app is presented.


Great - that clears up my misunderstanding.

Thanks for your help.

Glad I could help! :slight_smile:

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