Training Mode on per-program basis

I think it would be great to allow Training Mode on a per-program basis. There are instances where I turn on Training Mode to have CIS learn a program, and watching the popups, I see some other program popping its head into the learning process. I would love to see a new option on Comodo’s popups that would allow it to learn the actions of that one specific program until it terminates.

Yep. Good idea. It would be nice being able to select one or list of selected apps to run in training mode. One of such cases could be: We suspect that we have just been infected by some malicous code, we install brand new AV and are prompt to restart OS. Then we select execs of our AV and put 'em on training list. After reboot our AV won’t get blocked & if vir tries to pull some tricks the it gets blocked by D+. This was just a trivial example :wink:

I like the idea of the training mode ending when the process terminates.

I agree!

I think that this is not only a brilliant idea, but it should be very do-able as well.

What you are looking for in training mode is EXACTLY how installation mode works. The executable that is recognised as the trigger for installation mode is allowed to pretty much do what it wants, along with modules and objects spawned or executed by the installer. Installation mode does not apply to all executables started while in installation mode, only to the original installer and its associated or subordinate objects.

Hey Egemen, are you reading this?? :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

I would love to see a new option on Comodo's popups that would allow it to learn the actions of that one specific program until it terminates.

It is my understanding that when you are in CleanPC mode every application you mark as known will be “learned” while unknown applications will trigger the prompts

You can use the “my pending files” wizard for that.

Altougth I agree than making it easier GUI wise could be a great idea…

+1 on this, along with the idea of training mode.

It would be good, too, if this Training Mode would safe each action happening so you can modify it. Not like often seen, that in Training Mode Comodo safes for example in Section “protected files/folders” the wildcard . or allows this application to access all COM Interfaces as default.
I think this would be better. Cause you better can modify these settings.

good idea :slight_smile:

or just do so a specefik folder is in training mode… example a folder in program files…

I would like to raise this issue again. Comodo desperately needs this! :-TU

Comodo is fantastic! It’s wonderfully comprehensive and flexible when I want it.

But in the 8 months I’ve been using it, I’ve almost uninstalled it several times. I don’t want to hand-hold my security apps on a daily/weekly basis!

I can’t tell you how often it is that Comodo crashes a game I’ve just installed. Games often lock up when Defense+ alerts; I don’t see the alert until I kill the game process. I generally have to run a game 2-4 times, a few to train Defense+, a few to train the firewall.

Feature suggestions:

  • Allow Defense+ training on a process and its child processes. Terminate training when process (and child processes) exit.
  • Allow (separately) Firewall training on a per-process basis. Terminate training when process exits.


I agree!

and I don’t like that Comodo Defense+ ask so … much. It also ask on application that already been approved by digital signature or other parts of the software already installed. Don’t get me wrong me too love Comodo but it can drive one mad! O0

i had this idea a while back and have been looking for it thinking i posted it but i guess i forgot to post it.

anyways if a program relies on another program to run that is unrelated to the original such as a browser using just for an example java then comodo should also learn that firefox calls on java to run certain parts of the web

I think PrivateFirewall has this feature…correct me if I’m wrong…