trail of unsuccessful installation and subsequent installation problem

I had an unsuccessful installation of comodo firewall.

reason: i was having OutPost installed but disabled at the time of installing CPF.

process: installation of CPF warned about another firewall was installed (in this case OUtpost) and start rolling back by itself.

After that i uninstalled OutPost and try installing CPF again.

Problem: when i try installing, i got this error message:
“You seem to be having Comodo Firewall installed (Which i dont) using older version of installer. Please go to"start->Control Panel-> Add or Remove Progream section” and un-install Comodo Firewall"

I went to the Control Panel etc etc place, there was no entry of Comodo Firewall found.

What to do next?
So, I would like to try Comodo again, what should I do to uninstalled an non-existing application?,2541.0.html

The above posts may help. Use of a registry cleaner to remove all traces of the previous installation appears to have helped some other users. I have attached a Zip file containing a good registry cleaner.
I am sure there are many other posts on the forums about removing previous firewall installations so it may be worth you doing a search.


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