Traffic Usage Meter - DUMeter conflict

Has anyone had eratic behaviour problems with DUMeter after installing CFP, then returns to normal after uninstalling CFP…?

I did on 2 different XP boxes. :frowning:

DUMeter’s small screen real-estate is good for Always on Top. :slight_smile:

Can’t find an alternative with this DUM feature so I can’t use CFP. :frowning:

I looked at it, and it really seems like every other generic monitoring app in the world. You need to ask yourself: What is more important, your computers stats or it’s SECURITY?

Of course you’ve also looked at all these generic things I take it.

You looked hard.
Where exactly did you see that I don’t use security?

You took that the wrong way. I only meant that the firewall seems more important then DUMeter. I never said you weren’t security-wise. Don’t assume.

Hi OddMod, welcome to the forums.

If you don’t mind me asking, what’s the special feature in DUMeter that you cannot find in others?

Also can you elaborate on what the erratic behavioral problems are that DUMeter exhibits when CFP is installed?

It is similar to NetMeter in that it is non- obtrusively “Always on Top” (only while there is trafic) and takes a very small (resizable) transparent amount of screen space - unlike most of those generic ones previously refered to.

It’s a visual graphical display of the last ‘n’ minutes which goes “horribly” wrong when CFP is running as opposed to other FW’s.

I don’t know how else to describe the behaviour other than to say DUM is not showing what it should. This is somewhat of a strain on my memory as it happened when Comodo first came out of beta so things may be different now. Non of my machines have the same setup. I like to give things a go, if you know what I mean.

Thanks for your interest…

Yep, I know what you mean. The new NetMeter 1.1.0 Beta does transparency now… URL… not sure if the current NetMeter does or not (not run it).

As far as I know, there are no memory problems with current CFP. In fact, CFP is very good in that area… could always do with beinghaving a smaller footprint of course. I’ve seen CFP kill CPU on some systems when its first installed (many reasons for this… driver conflicts, configuration issues, etc…). But, not memory. Mind you, if it was a beta you tried… then anything is possible.


Post Beta - First Final.

I like the bit about Memory. Make me feel like I wasn’t referring to the grey matter of the human kind. (:NRD)

Seriously, maybe someone can report on the subject. I’d like to know if anyone uses this combination successfully. CFP + DUMeter + Azureus (or BitTorrent client).

My memory recalls that there was one or two other Products that went a little haywire also and that disappeared after a CFP cleanout.

Believe me , I am well aware that the problem I was having may have been solely due to, umm, a memory problem. 88)

Oops, sorry I read that wrong didn’t I? :-[

Another reason why DUMeter is important to me is that appart from the visual, there is also an audio, which means that you can be away from the screen and still know if the wire is busy or not.
I use a wav file of a submarine sonar bounce. Even the wife doesn’t mind that echoing roung the house. That’s important - yes?
I even have it intercom’d to the bedroom, for those critical occasions, where I’m headed right now.

~40 :wink: 's

I have just tried Comodo on another box I built with XP using NetMeter instead of DUMeter and all seems to be OK.
Features I like with NetMeter are Mouse Over Fade and Click Through but doesn’t provide for my Sonar. :frowning:
Otherwise it is a dead set replica of DUM (almost) except more up to date code wise.

At last, now I can try CFP more properly. :THNK

My crit so far is that it doesn’t provide or maintain a user prefered Window Size, or Column Order/size, or a Time stamp for each Rule, unless I’ve missed something somewhere??

I know, I’m a Pain in the DUM… :■■■■

I hate unnecessary (side ways) scrolling and full screen windows. :frowning:

You’re quite right NetMeter doesn’t do sound in the way you require. It does seem that DUMeter is the only Net Meter application to do this.

Maybe DUMeter works with the new CFP 3 Alpha 1, bared in mind… it is an Alpha release at the moment. It will be better (more stable) when it becomes a beta (cannot guess at a time-scale at the moment.

Thanks Baldy. You part your hair on the same side as me. ;D
(Only I look better cause I gave up the smokes decades ago) (:AGL)

I’ll wait, and hope, as with NetMeter, as it is still only beta. It’s “Click Through” is well worth sacrificing the sound for. But, maybe sound will come if it ever gets out of beta??


i’ve been using DU Meter v3.03 for a very long time… found it on a drive i found in the garbage… :o

been using comodo v2.4 for about 3 months now with no conflicts at all… so maybe you have some other issue at hand contributing to your woes…

i too prefer DU over Netmeter for the “ping” and stopwatch :slight_smile:
DU has never given me issues thus far…

only thing that may differ is that i still use XP Pro SP1 instead of SP2 for personal reasons most of the time.

oh, and i have DU loading *after CPF.EXE. -dont know if that makes a difference…

(to be sure, i’ve just ran netmeter side by side with DU and they both report the same resonses)

hope that sheds a little light…