Traffic Not Allowed After Blocking, Reboot, Then Allowing


I have Windows 2000 Pro, SP4, ver. 5.00.2195, with all Microsoft updates, using Comodo Firewall version and a cable modem.

I have noticed that if use the security level adjustment to block all traffic, then shut down or reboot my computer, all traffic is blocked when the system comes back up. This is fine. However, when I try to re-allow network traffic again with the security level adjustment, it does not work.

Please advise if this is known or expected behavior, otherwise provide help on troubleshooting.

Thank you!

You can try to right click the sys tray CPF icon, after setting it to custom, and exit.
Wait for a while (30 sec), and start the firewall again.
Does it work?
If not, try to set it to custom and restart the PC and see if it works.

Yes, probably both of these methods work, as I recall. But I’d like to make the point that this is not how one would expect the firewall to behave. If the application does not immediately start allowing connections after a reboot and allowing traffic, this is one area where the application can be improved.

Yes, i agree with you, and i hope the next version have some improvements in this area… ;D

Note: This is still an issue with version Pro beta.

I should mention though that I don’t know if the method of selecting “custom,” exiting the program, waiting 30 seconds, and restarting the program is a valid workaround. I haven’t tried that yet. And I can’t confirm if this method actually worked on previous versions.

Thanks very, very much for the option in this version to have an unanimated taskbar icon. On my system, the animation caused interference with certain programs showing full screen animated graphics.