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When I try to access the Firewall option via TM, it displays the following message:

Could not acquire root access. You need a rooted phone to run firewall.

If this phone is already rooted, please make sure firewall has enough permissions to execute the “su” command.

Doesn’t rooting your device make it vulnerable?


Rooting the device is not suggested. It will make your device more vulnerable and may end your phone’s warranty.

However, some of the users prefer or choose to use their devices rooted. It will give more flexibility on Android settings and more control over features.

Actually, this is the reason why we can not serve all of the CMS features without root rights. Standard user does not have enough privileges to control the firewall in this case.

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As it is not advisable to root your device, can Comodo please work with Android so that they can allow their users to configure their firewall in a safe manner.

Actually this is quite impossible; as root access is required to have a fully functional firewall as it’s not just a simple file being created but a driver being installed so that it can control applications.

Again, ROOTING Your Android Device is Dangerous, and not recommended

I have spoken to Comodo directly on this subject and they will look into this, as users should not have to make their devices vulnerable in order for a security product to work.

I think it’s more of a “You can use these functions if you have rooted your phone” rather than “Root your phone for these functions” thing.

You are quite right, Sanya.
SK69 appears to be an Android newbie, doesn’t understand root yet.
Please visit XDA Forums community for help understanding, and possibly rooting your phone if you choose to do so. (Not all phones can be easily rooted).

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What you are requesting should be made with the firmware developers, in this case, Google.
I would expect you will discover nothing will come from this, from neither Google’s developers, nor any of the CM team (if you choose to go that route with the firmware). As stated, this is a feature that requires a rooted phone (as you actually already know).
These days, a rooted phone is just as safe as a non rooted phone. Security will always be broken simply by accessing the phone’s Recovery. Nothing can prevent that.
But, I digress. This discussion is about firewalls on our phones.
This is a feature you could have, should you be lucky enough to root your phone (just as there are many features/options one may have if their phone is rooted).
Non rooted phones are stuck with stock only, as this is a limitation requirement of the firmware.
There is nothing Comodo can nor will do to change that.
Here’s a great idea. Would make you famous. Develope your own custom rom that has this feature. Oh, forgive me, as you will require root to install it on your phone, defeating the purpose to begin with.