Traffic indicator icon not working

For some reason, the animated traffic indicator function (green and red arrows) has stopped working on the Comodo icon in the bottom right of my screen. I’ve checked the settings and it is checked to work.
The icon there now is the Comodo shield with what looks like a ‘flame’ behind it.
No indication of incoming or outgoing traffic.
Anyone have any idea why this has stopped working - am I still being protected?

When you open up Comodo do you see a green check mark on the top left. I am sure you do. The traffic monitor is not needed. I find it rather annoying and I always shut it off. BTW what version of Comodo are you using?

Thanks for the reply.
Using version 3.8.65951.477
I like the indicator function as it alerts me to any ingoing or outgoing traffic.
Can’t figure why it’s stopped.
Not sure what you mean about seeing a green checkmark. Do you mean when I click on the icon and Comodo opens?

Yes…version 3.9 will be coming soon. Like this week. Do a complete uninstall of your version and install 3.9. That should clear things up.

There’s a green check mark bottom left - with ‘all systems active and running’

I’ll wait for 3.9 and see what happens!

Usually the flame shows up when it is updating or wants to update and shortly thereafter disappears.

Re-booted my pc since my last post and the traffic icon is now working again! :slight_smile: