Traffic animation instead of white X on red square

I have both firewall and antivirus installed. I don’t use real-time antivirus scan, so Comodo is being overprotective with that “call technician” above the main box, and the tray icon is red square with white X in the middle. How can I override this? I can survive with “call technician”, but as for the tray icon, I’d like to have the regular icon with traffic animation there. Can this be done?

What does the main screen report about the status of CIS? It is reporting something is wrong.

Yes, what’s “wrong” is that I have real-time antivirus scanning off…

I don’t think it can be overridden… :-\

What is the reason you have the AV shield switched off? With Enable scanning optimizations enabled CIS will only scan a file once every Windows session. If it sees if after the fist time it saw it it will not scan it until the next reboot.

If you always have AV off then you may want to consider using Comodo Firewall instead, that way you won’t get the red X.

The reason is I use antivirus scanning on demand when I get new/suspicious files, and other than that, there’s no need for constant/realtime scanning in my usage patterns.

With the scanning optimizations, which are enabled by default, the scanning will be limited and not constant while still maintaining real time protection. Other than that you could make a wish to be able to override an alert like the Windows Security Center does.