Trackmania United

Hello, i just installed COMODOD Firewall Pro, the latest. And one of the Games I play (ONLINE or LOCAL), is not working anymore. Its called Trackmania United. I checked the Forum, there was one posting about this Game that I could find, but I don´t have a Version with Starforce Copy Protection, but it still doesn´t work. I can´t launch the Game. Same with my girlfriend´s PC where I also installed COMODO today.

Since we´re both playing this Game a lot, this would be a reason to not use COMODO for us anymore, if that would be a permanent issue. I added this Game to the trusted Applications but other than that, I don´t know what to do.

Any ideas before I deinstall Comodo again ? (:SAD)


Is there anything that’s getting blocked in the logs for Defense+?


I play that all the time. See my sticky here. Trackmania uses 2 files. Launcher and the exe game. Add both to the firewall and D+. Just use my sticky and it works for all games.

Ok, i just did that. I added the launcher and the tmunited exe to trusted Applications from Firewall and D+. Even put both in Training Mode, Firewall and D+, no change. Trackmania United still doesn´t start. After the launcher you see that now the actual Game Window would open but it is stopped before really happening. And the process of Tmu is also not running anymore.

This wasn´t before I installed COMODO Firewall, never. And even if I disable the Comodo Firewall entirely, it doesn´t change. I did also do that on my gf´s PC, no change. And her´s is almost brand new, mine is a bit older. This isn´t really a coincidence I would say.

This seems not to happen with other Games we have installed, but only TMU. So now I am a bit idealess and it seems I have to deinstall Comodo entirely. :frowning: That would be too bad.

Ok, one more thing I tried. I do have an original German TMU but to avoid anytime putting the DVD in the drive and doing the annoying Copyprotection check anytime, I used a cracked exe which works without the DVD. And no, since I personally have the original, I don´t see me as “Hacker” or such but I just like to start things fast and without finding the DVD anytime. And when I renamed my original exe it worked with Comodo. lol

This exe worked fine for a long time, wonder why this Firewall won´t let me use it, since it doesn´t even show as Virus or Malware or whatever. Now i need to put my DVD in all the time. ■■■■… (:SAD)

It will let you use it. Try first deleting all entires of Trackmania in the firewall and D+. Reboot and the see what happens. I play hundreds of online games such as WOW,COD4,BF2,BF2142,TF2,Halo and many others and all of them play fine. Thats why I made that sticky.

Other games do run fine, but I don´t understand why it seems to hate this specific exe while it has no problem letting it run with the original exe file. I mean, according to Comodo or my Anti Virus, this File has no flaw whatsoever. Why would Comodo think otherwise ?