Tracking cookies and pop-up blocker problems

I use only IceDragon for browsing and it has come to my attention that tracking cookies recularly laches on to my system or specifically in: C:\users"username"\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Cookies"tracking cookie" in windows 7 sp1, 64bit, these get caught by superantispyware even though I’ve set to clear everything in the history options upon closing IceDragon and I clear the history manually with everything checked before I close IceDragon. How are these all kinds of tracking cookies not being removed by IceDragon? Or is it only for third party applications that has to remove what IceDragon fails to do?

When I browse in some naughty sites, the pop-up blocker fails to stop pop-ups as well. On top of that I have the “open new windows in a new tab instead” option checked but they always pop-up as a new window.

As you can see, these 2 problems are serious security issues that needs to be dealt with and I hope they can be fixed.

Hi TheTupilak80,

  1. The location you mentioned about tracking cookies is not related to CID, it is the cookie storage location for Internet Explorer.
    Note: Other operating system components may also use this location.

  2. Browser pop-up blockers attempt to block scripted popups that are within the website, these popups very often circumvent a browser popup blocker.
    Some popups use Flash content, browser popup blockers generally would not block these types of popups.
    Using script/ad/flash blocking extensions would have a greater effect.
    All comes down to personal choice when it comes to using extensions, but one of my personal favourites is in the link below.

  3. New window/tab, some sites can override this setting.
    Popups will ignore this setting.
    The most reliable method is to right click on a link within a page and then you have the option to select either.

Kind regards.

This made it clear. Thank you.

No problem.
Popups and pop-unders are getting smarter by the second.
Note: One downside to filtering and blocking extensions, is that sometimes they can unintentionally break other page content.

Kind regards.